Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello peeps! Bite Me! is the baker for the month April!

If you're telling me you're not interested in these super cute and yummy looking cakes, you are a big fat liar! How can you not be? They're too pretty to resist. I swear im gonna get my hands on one for my birthday, or any other occasion that i can find to use as an excuse just to get 'em.

Okay, enough with the talking, on to the photos ...

The Rainbow Cake

Chocolate Cherry Gateaux

Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake

Chocolate Rainbow Cake

Cherry Vanilla Cake With Light Lemon Buttercream Frosting

More cakes and macaroons ...

Geramnyaaaaa! Comel kan the cakes and macaroons? So what are you waiting for, order up people! For more info please add them up in FB: Bite Me! or go to their website

Photos credit to Bite Me!

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