Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking For An Engagement/Wedding Outfit?

Dont know what to wear to a glammed up wedding? Or are you looking for an engagement or wedding outfit? Look no further. Zery Zamry the fashion designer is doing a sale. If you're planning to get engaged or married anytime soon, now is the right time to get your hands on the designer's creation.

A little info on the designer; a designer to Malaysian celebrities such as Diana Danielle, Dynas, Liyana Jasmay and Elyana. He also designed this beautiful outfit below for Elyana's engagement.

Good news is, the dress worn by Elyana above is also up for sale. And below are photos of the clothes for sale ...

For more photos and info on him and his creations; do checkout his website; or email him at; 

Photos credit to Zery Zamry

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  1. i like the 2nd picture so much. how much it cost me?