Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For this month, i'll be featuring Cupcakes Passion as the Baker Of The Month. I dah personally rasa the cupcakes, and what i can say is that, i am very, very, very satisfied with their service. The cupcakes yang i ordered was chocolate flavour. It was very good, and moist, just how i like my cupcakes to be. Their cupcakes ada 3 sizes; mini, petite and maxi. In my opinion, if nak order the maxi size, there's no need to order banyak banyak sebab maxi is quite big yea so even if you makan one or two cupcakes, dah kenyang. Btw, the ones yang i ordered guna fresh cream on the top (like the Elmo cupcakes below), bukan fondant (like the ones in the second picture). But im sure the fondant cupcakes is equally good as the fresh cream ones.

Photos credit to Cupcakes Passion

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